Jika anda memiliki website atau blog, sebaiknya cek web atau blog anda ke alexa untuk memeriksa page rank anda, karena alexa akan memeriksa setiap situs-situs yang beredar di dunia maya ini. Untuk saat ini situs dengan peringkat teratas (dalam global) masih dipegang oleh Google, Yahoo, lalu Youtube, kemudian masih diikuti oleh Facebook di urutan ke-4. Kalau di Indonesia peringkat teratasnya diduduki oleh, Yahoo, lalu Facebook, eh ada di urutan ke-9 lho,,ha ha ha,mantab deh ada di 10 besar.
Bagi blogger-blogger jangan lupa pasang widget alexa di blog anda,meski blog saya sendiri masih di atas 11 juta (parah……..),gapapa deh yang penting pede.

2 tanggapan untuk “Alexa”

  1. Alexa Traffic Rank

    The Alexa Traffic Rank is meant to be a measure of a website’s popularity. The whole principle behind it is that each time a person who is using the gizmo called “Alexa Toolbar” visits a page on a site, Alexa knows about it and takes it into account. The more such page views, the better the Traffic Rank of the site (#1 is the best rank). Also, the more unique individuals visit the site, the better the Traffic Rank. So far so good, and it makes sense.

    However, in practice, its accuracy is skewed (or biased), and this is acknowledged partially even by Alexa itself. Not only that for sites like, Amazon and others the Traffic Rank will be favorably skewed by “natural” factors as explained on the page I linked to earlier, but there are certain sites that will be disadvantaged because of the nature of their traffic.

    For example, sites that attract people who are in their vast majority not specifically endowed with technical skills (at least when it comes to the Internet), will be disadvantaged. Most often these visitors simply use the browser that comes with the operating system and they are even wary of downloading software and installing it on their computers. Most of them have no idea what Alexa is and there are slim chances of them ever installing the Alexa Toolbar.

    On the other side, sites that attract webmasters, web developers, and other such professionals, who are significantly prone to being aware of the existence of Alexa and installing it on their computers, have higher chances of getting a high Alexa rank.

    To make matters even more complicated when it comes to the accuracy of the Alexa Traffic Rank, it is known that webmasters can abuse the system and increase their sites’ Alexa Traffic Rank by generating fake traffic.

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